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本文摘要:Lets face it. Condoms are a bit of downer. So how do we convince guys to put it on? And make durex the favorite choice.事实是,带上套知道较为玩笑。要如何劝说男人们用于套套并自由选择杜蕾斯的套套呢?


Lets face it. Condoms are a bit of downer. So how do we convince guys to put it on? And make durex the favorite choice.事实是,带上套知道较为玩笑。要如何劝说男人们用于套套并自由选择杜蕾斯的套套呢?When you are a twenty-one year old stallion, what might be the best reason to put it on?对20来岁的小伙子来说,戴套的第一大理由是什么?Im pregnant.我分娩了。

To be honest, guys dont really care that much about sexually transmitted diseases. But babies, they just wont disappear with a visit to the doctor.说实话,什么淋病梅毒男人没在害怕的,但小孩?他们会随着造访医生而消失。So we thought, lets simulate the experience of having a new born. And give you a taste of what it really feels like.所以我们做到了个手机程序,让你尝尝那究竟是什么滋味。

We created a mobile application where you can knock-up a friends phone. Downloadand install the application. Find a phone to mate, and gently rub the two phones against each other. And there you go!这个程序不仅仿真饲小孩,还可以“做大”朋友的手机。下载安装,去做别人的手机,轻轻地前后摩擦,顺利。The baby will require your utmostattention: feed it, tickle it, rubble, bubble, or hugit...using every trick in the book to make it stop crying!这个模拟程序不会跟真为小孩一样忘你,要喂奶,要逗他玩游戏,要老是睡,还要抱着,要想尽办法让他不要哭闹。


Everytime you close the application, you will be reminded: use durex. With facebook connect, the world will know youve become a dad. Invitations for baby events will start poping up on your profile.而每次你重开这个程序,不会表明用杜蕾斯的警告。它还不会改版你的facebook状态“我当爹啦”。各种婴儿涉及活动的邀也不会随之而来。

On durex condom packages we place QR texts that link to a durex baby anti-knock-up application. Download it, and you are baby-free, at least until the real magic happens...我们在杜蕾斯的盒子上印了个二维码,它相连到杜蕾斯“以防小人”手机程序的iTunes地址,iTunes这个程序,世界再一清净了—最少在你知道做大了女朋友肚子之前。