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本文摘要:The Wallaby app maximizes and organizes your wallet to save you hundreds of dollars each year by showing you which card to use while you shop. As the Lead User Experience Designer at Wallaby, I’ve seen the app go from a minimum viable prod


The Wallaby app maximizes and organizes your wallet to save you hundreds of dollars each year by showing you which card to use while you shop. As the Lead User Experience Designer at Wallaby, I’ve seen the app go from a minimum viable product to being named a Best Financial App by Money Magazine. Here are 3 key tips that has helped us create an awesome user experience that can be applied to your own apps:Wallaby是一款钱包管理工具,通过在购物时警告你用于合适的卡片,超过返现最大化,每年都可以老大你省下数百刀。作为Wallaby的首席用户体验设计师,我亲眼了它从一个小产品茁壮发展壮大以后被Money Magazine选为最差的财务类应用于。

这里的三条小窍门,指导我们设计出有如此杰出的体验,期望也能被你所用:1. Design for the Platform1. 为有所不同的平台自定义体验iOS and Android have different conventions and standards that you should do your best to follow, some of which include:iOS和Android具有有所不同的法则和标准,我们应当竭力去遵循,还包括如下:Different sizes and resolutions- 有所不同的屏幕尺寸和分辨率Android devices have a dedicated back button- Android设备有个专门的回到的按钮iOS has tabs on bottom of the screen versus Android at top- iOS的标签在屏幕下方而Android在上方Look and feel of UI components—date picker, on/off vs checkbox- UI控件的外观——日期选择器,电源按钮对勾选框When we first designed the Wallaby app for Android, we ported over the same look and feel from iOS, which led to a lot of angry Android users. Since then, we’ve adopted the Android look and feel and have seen our app rating rise constantly.在设计Wallaby Android版本之初,我们用于了与iOS一样的视觉设计,造成了许多Android用户的责怪。之后我们之后使用了Android的规范展开设计,我们应用于的评分就开始持续上升。If you’re developing for both platforms, be sure to read read the Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Android Design page. If you have access to both iOS and Android devices, get familiar with both —use each as your primary device for a few days and compare your favorite apps—to get a good sense of the subtle but important differences.你要是研发双平台都限于的应用于,保证你四书五经了iOS和Android的设计规范。

要是同时享有iOS和Android的设备,就玩熟他们——把它们分别当作你的主设备用几天,然后较为你最喜欢的应用于,从而强化对于那些最重要不同点的意识,尽管它们很微小。2. Get Feedback Early and Often2. 尽快并且频密搜集用户对系统1-star reviews hurt but you can learn a lot about what’s wrong about your product from them—whether it be about the app crashing, incorrect data or missing features. Not everyone wants to take the time to write a review, so let your users send you feedback other ways or contact your users to get their opinions. If you don’t give users an easy way to contact you, how will you ever know something is wrong?一星评价总是让人实在很伤势,但是你可以借此认识到产品的问题所在,是因为应用于瓦解,数据错误还是某些功能的缺陷。并不是所有人都不愿花上时间去写出个评价,所以让你的用户通过别的方式给你发送到对系统,或是直接联系用户获得他们的意见。

要是不获取用户非常简单的联系方法,你又怎会告诉问题出有在哪?The Wallaby app offers multiple ways to send feedback on different screens. In addition, we send out emails and surveys about the app and what can be improved. For example, our #1 requested feature was support for online stores. We not only added support but we sent out surveys to see which stores were most popular to make sure we supported them. If users can’t find their store, they have the ability to submit it to us so we can add it to our database.Wallaby在有所不同的页面中获取了多种递交对系统的方法。除此之外,我们还不会给用户发送到邮件或是调查问卷来获知那些应当改良的地方。例如,我们的首要功能是反对在线商店。我们某种程度获取了反对还发送到问卷借以调查哪些商店是最热门的,并且保证我们是反对这些商店的。

如果用户去找将近他们想的商店,他们可以递交给我们,让我们重新加入到数据库中。3. Get Users to their Goals Faster3. 让用户更慢的已完成他的目标People are constantly on the go so any time that can be saved can greatly improve your app’s user experience. With mobile phones, you don’t have to start at a blank slate. Use the information you already have to create a faster, smarter user experience. With a mobile phone, you have access (with permission) to a wealth of data such as a user’s location, address book, pictures, calendar and much more.用户经常整天个不时,所以任何时候协助用户节约时间就可以大大提高应用于的用户体验。


With the Wallaby app, the main use case of the app is advising which card to use. Earlier versions of the app showed a list of nearby locations when you launched the app and required you to select a place before the app would let you know which credit card to use. Now, you are presented with the same list of nearby locations but the app shows you which card to use right next to it, thereby skipping a step to get the information you need. You can still tap on the place to get get more detailed information if you want.在Wallaby应用于中,最主要的用于场景就是我们给用户建议他该用于哪张卡片。早期版本中,用户启动应用于不会看见附近商店的列表,用户必须自由选择一个消费的地点然后我们才不会告诉他用户该用于哪张信用卡。现在,用户也不会看见和之前一样的附近商店列表,但是我们必要将引荐用于的卡片信息展现出在了地点信息的边上,用户依然根据必须可以页面这个地点获得更加多详尽的信息。

How could we improve this even more? By not even requiring them to launch the app. If you connect with Foursquare, you can check in with the Foursquare app and well send a push notification about what card to use. If your card has a special time sensitive bonus, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred with triple points every first Friday of the month, we’ll push an alert that morning to remind you. Weve also dabbled with wearables like Pebble and Google Glass, presenting the same information without having to take out the phone. For the online shoppers, we developed a browser extension, so users would be able to view their best card in front of their computer when shopping as well.如何还需要做到的更佳?我们甚至不必须用户启动应用于。如果你在用于Foursquare 结帐(译者录:街旁的原型), 我们就不会给你发送到一个警告,告诉他你该用哪张卡片。

如果你的卡片有类似广告宣传,例如Chase Sapphire Preferred (译者录:一种信用卡的名字)在每个月的第一个周五有三倍分数的活动,我们不会在那天的早晨发送到消息警告你。同时,我们还与Pebble,Google Glass交互,你都不必拿走你的手机,就能在上面看见某种程度的信息。


在电商领域,我们研发了一款浏览器插件,这样用户在线出售时也能看见引荐用于的卡片了。Look at any highly rated app (not including games) and you’ll likely notice that the majority follow the designs and conventions of the platform so users will already have a sense of how to use the app. They collect lots of feedback, listen to their users and constantly improve their app. Finally, they are smart about what is shown and are always helping users accomplish their goals faster. You might have the greatest idea for an app but if the UX is poor, no one will use it. By following paradigms, getting feedback, and reducing friction, you’ll be well on your way to an improved user experience and a 5 star app.想到那些低评分的应用于(游戏除外),你不会找到大部分都遵循了平台的设计规范,这样用户对于该如何用于这个应用于就有了基本的意识。